Covid-19 Tracing and Screening Services

Covid-19 screening services

Preceed offers Covid-19 Tracing and Screening Services as a secondary prevention measure to help keep your workplace safely functioning while minimizing the risk to your employees. When remote work isn’t a possibility, and you don’t want to send employees to a local clinic or hospital where people may have the virus, you’ll need to go mobile with your COVID-19 coronavirus symptom screening. We’re here to help.

Covid Testing

Benefits of Covid-19 workplace screening

Covid-19 workplace screening has many benefits. It is a quick and easy way to screen employees for the virus. It can help prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace and protect employees from exposure to the virus.

  • Daily screening tool provided for your team
  • Decreases chance of workplace exposure/transmission of COVID-19
  • Immediate responses for employees showing symptoms
  • Current recommendations from their provincial or state health authority to assist them in taking appropriate measures for themselves and their families.
  • Precede’s medical director can follow-up with referred employees to determine when they are ready to return to work.

Precede’s COVID-19 online screening program uses a PIPEDA/HIPPA compliant online software where each of your staff will be assessed with our COVID- 19 Screening Protocols, using a risk assessment questionnaire, and SARS-CoV-2 symptom screening prior to entering the workplace. If any concerns are identified, the worker will be advised not to entire your workspace, and instead be referred for further assessment.

Covid-19 contract tracing


Precede Occupational Health Services can now do Contact Tracing for your Business in just 2 easy steps.

Step 1. Contact Precede OHS AT 1-866-989-0499 or email and set up your company and you are assigned your own specialized Contract RN and specialized Contact Tracing Professionals working in conjunction with AHS to keep your business, employers, contractors, and workplace safe. All of our Contact Tracer professionals have been certified in contact tracing through the John Hopkins University and we follow the AHS Contact Tracer guidelines and procedures.

Step 2. Work directly with your own assigned Contact Tracing RN and Specialized Team for follow-up of all Covid-19 lab-confirmed, suspect or probable cases and their contacts. Our investigated, systematic approach is streamlined and precise. We ensure the highest degree of confidentiality and accuracy, outlining all investigated findings to our designated employer contact team. We don’t stop there, by offering Covid-19 PCR testing with 48-hour turnaround time or Lab confirmed results in our clinic locations, your employees can rest assured they are getting the highest level of care they deserve. Your Contact Tracing RN will facilitate the entire process in conjunction with AHS Guidelines for the utmost compliance. Your assigned Contact Tracing team will — Track- investigate – isolate and minimize transmission, in a targeted, systematic manner.

Then from here we tie all the PRAP information here and we can tie back into a flowchart — so essentially the contract tracing service can be a part of the PRAP service or a stand-alone as many companies are just looking for this help.

CALL – 1866-989-0499

  • RN and Physician based company serving Canadian businesses 365/24/7
  • Certified Contract Tracing credentials
  • Ensuring Confidentiality and accurate record keeping
  • Managed Solution In the event of a Lab confirmed Positive COVID -19 Case in the workplace
  • Rapid deployment of your assigned Contract Tracing team
  • Track-investigate-isolate. Resulting in minimal transmission in your workplace

Dream it

  • high daily testing capabilities
  • 48 hour results turnaround from time of test
  • same day booking/testing
  • coast to coast mobile testing network
  • test analysis and reporting via secure portal

Pricing inclusive of

  • online patient enrollment
  • Physician/RN oversight and prescription
  • collection done by a Registered Nurse or Physician
  • specimen collection supplies & return shipping to the Lab
  • access to online HIPPA compliant portal for test results
  • Mobile Collection Teams are available to groups of all sizes

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