RN Connect


Introducing RN CONNECT by Precede – a revolutionary telehealth nurse triage program that offers real-time RN assessments to both employers and employees. With a HIPPA-compliant video platform and customizable reports, RN CONNECT is designed to prevent unnecessary claims and costs, and promote worker wellness.

For employers, RN CONNECT offers a range of benefits, including reduced lost time on the job site, decreased WCB recordable outcomes, and prevention of further injury. After-hour access is also available for added convenience. By using RN CONNECT, employers can prevent unnecessary costs and claims, and ensure their workers receive the best care possible.

For employees, RN CONNECT provides injury-specific recommendations, eliminates redundant treatment, and maintains a connection with the employer. Real-time assessments and discussions are available, and injury follow-up is provided to ensure timely recovery.

Precede Services

How Does It Work?

In case of an injury, employees can call RN CONNECT, where they will be connected with a highly trained registered nurse. The nurse will provide evidence-based recommendations and directives, using their knowledge and experience to provide the most relevant solutions to an injury while referencing the most current, up-to-date information available. All calls take place via telephone or a HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform.

Inclusive Care

RN CONNECT also offers inclusive care, with advice on return to work/short-term modified duties, first aid aftercare instructions, and follow-up calls with workers to ensure timely recovery. Immediate system-generated notifications and reports are available 24/7 for added convenience.

Disability Management Program

In cases of a prolonged injury, RN CONNECT provides a seamless transition to Precede’s Disability Management Program. All relevant information is ready and available for DM nurses to continue following up with the file until the worker recovers and returns to work.

Real-Time Assessments, Customizable Reports, and Inclusive Care

Overall, RN CONNECT by Precede is a game-changer for telehealth nurse triage programs. With its real-time assessments, customizable reports, and inclusive care, RN CONNECT offers a range of benefits to both employers and employees, ensuring the best care possible in case of an injury.